Maintain a safe and secure environment at your businesses, organizations, and residential properties. We can provide patrol services to check the property, monitor access control systems, and investigate disruptions. Depending on your needs, officers can monitor alarm systems and watch video surveillance systems.

Examples of our security services

  • Preventing any illegal or inappropriate actions by maintaining high visibility.
  • Running access control procedures on vehicles, personnel, and visitors.
  • Conducting random patrolling of buildings, facilities, and perimeters of your property.
  • Advising staff and visitors of security procedures, and handling violations of security procedures.
  • Monitoring video surveillance systems and alarm systems.
  • Investigating suspicious behavior and interruptions.
  • Observing and immediately reporting security breaches to law enforcement.
  • Performing routine maintenance checks on security systems and equipment.
  • Providing documentation for all security activities.

To learn more about how the Morgan Group Daytona can help, contact us by phone and we can discuss your specific requirements.